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Smart E- Commerce

Radical Changes

In the last few years the face of e-commerce has changed radically.

The number of online shops has exploded. They are more informed and
have higher expectations then ever before.

To be successful your website has to work harder than ever, because
online customers have become more sophisticated and less tolerant.

Governments have released new e-commerce laws and website browsers are
changing constantly. Internet search engines such as Google
continuously adjust the ways in which they list Websites.

To stay on top and to make sure that e-commerce remains easy for you,
we have to constantly develop and improve our solutions. This means
adding new functions and features, reviewing how your system works and
adjusting functions to make them comply with new laws, for example.

Free Secure Order processing

webMAD supports free secure order processing. Just enter your email
address, and orders will be securely accepted on your behalf - and
forwarded to you, free of charge.

Free order processing will save you money every year. And secure order
pages make customers finalize a purchase.

Patent pending Fraud Protection

With patent pending security technology webMAD brings you the only
e-commerce solution in the world which can provide you with the
shopping cart security you need and your customers with the shopping
speed they want.

So selling your products is less risky - and you don't have to slow
down customers to get this benefit.

Fast shopping cart

Our new shopping cart has an extremely fast reaction time.  A fast
response means customers don't have to wait long - making them more
likely to finalize their purchase.

Easy navigation

webMAD shops are extremely easy to navigate, so customers who can
easily find their way around your website, are much more likely to
place an order.

Compliance with e-commerce laws

We ensure your website complies with local e-commerce laws, which
leaves you free to focus more on selling.

Multi currency support

webMAD allows you to show prices in many currencies if you are selling
to other countries.  This allows your customers to easily compare
prices. If yours are better you will get the sale.

Database import

If you have an existing database, you can import product information
directly into your site, so speeding up shop creation and maintenance
and saving you time and money.